12" Vinyl UK

Subaltern Records / SUBALT017

Front View : Taiko - TRENCHES EP - Subaltern Records / SUBALT017
Back View : Taiko - TRENCHES EP - Subaltern Records / SUBALT017

* Sheffield-based Subaltern resident Taiko returns to the imprint with a stunning selection of four distinctively grimy pieces of sub-bass science, proving once again his original take on the 140 bass realm. A. Trenches Introducing his unique style once again with a fresh twist, Taiko delivers relentless earth-shattering bass waves in ‘Trenches’, which graces the A side of the release. Bells, strings and dark synths set the mood for a precisely executed wall of bass, complimented by subtle vocal work. B1. Raid Dramatic orchestral strings and horns set the stage for the grim reaper that is ‘Raid’ - leading into a dark and roaring synth that accentuates the laid back bass-line. Sure to shake every system it is unleashed on, the track keeps evolving and luring the listener ever deeper into a maze of darkness. You can run but you can’t hide… B2. Mana Pool ‘Mana Pool’ adds a more psychedelic and subtle edge to the release. Synth loaded parts play in exchange with carefully laid out harmonic synth lines complementing the tasteful bass-lines, while remaining the raw edge of the release.

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