Stefan Goldmann - IN AGGREGATE / CAROB


10 Inch

Macro / Macrom71

Front View : Stefan Goldmann - IN AGGREGATE / CAROB (10 INCH) - Macro / Macrom71
Back View : Stefan Goldmann - IN AGGREGATE / CAROB (10 INCH) - Macro / Macrom71

STEFAN GOLDMANNs new EP on this 10 inch Masterpiece

One of techno's most joyous experimentators delivers two intriguing uptempo tracks. Instead of hitting
hard and heavy 'In Aggregate' and 'Carob' float delicately, with explosive detail blooming freely and
high above what feels rather like a bass-ladden undercurrent than a persistent kick drum foundation.
Both tracks expand on Stefan Goldmann's extensive polyrhythmic research and integrate tonal and
metric functions within the same units of sound. Somewhat radically, the central sound of 'Carob' is all
in one: beat, bassline and single-note melody. By contrast, 'In Aggregate' unfolds lush layers of
exuberant percussion, countered by rounded drops of bass and an occasional vocal snippet
ricocheting off of claustrophobia-inducing walls of glass.
As future-forward as they are organic, these offerings come with appropriately idiosyncratic artwork by
Jorinde Voigt. Printed on inside-out heavy paper cover + a printed inner sleeve. [info sheet from distr.]
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