Spencer Miles & Zakmina - XXX007

Spencer Miles & Zakmina


12" Vinyl D

XXX The Label / XXX007

Front View : Spencer Miles & Zakmina - XXX007 - XXX The Label / XXX007
Back View : Spencer Miles & Zakmina - XXX007 - XXX The Label / XXX007

Split EP with Spencer Miles & Zakmina

XXX is back with an Split 12“ EP. On the A side we have Spencer Miles and on the AA side Zakmina. Once again XXX brings artists from all around the globe together on 12“. Spencer Miles brings us some dark brooding tracks all the way from Oregon, while Zakmina from Lithuania adds up to the heat with two bangers that for sure will shudder the dancefloor. The artwork is by upcoming photographer Joost Termeer, who is based in Utrecht in the Netherlands. When he heard the track he thought of fire, which was the inspiration for the artwork. We couldn’t agree more. Vital Sales Points: Already played by nd_baumecker, curses, Dixon and many others [info sheet from distr.]
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