12" Vinyl D

Rivulet Records / RVLTX001

Front View : Skipless - SKIPLESS REMIXES - Rivulet Records / RVLTX001
Back View : Skipless - SKIPLESS REMIXES - Rivulet Records / RVLTX001

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Skipless Remixes by Johannes Albert, Mono & Johann Fanger)

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With RVLTX we started a new series on our label Rivulet Records. RVLTX is all about remixing. As we all share common thoughts concerning the sampling-movement we founded RVLTX to release music out of the housemusic-box which most of our releases came from. So we let friends and beloved artists reshape it without any specification of style. We are very happy to present a very special musician on RVLTX 001 who has been an idol and inspiration for Stanley for some years now. It ́s the Trip-Hop producer Skipless from Ikaalinen, Finland. He has been releasing his catchy, laid-back instrumentals on the web label „Dusted Wax Kingdom“ and has produced for several MCs. The way he uses samples reminds of several deep-house-artists so releasing some of his stuff on RVLTX was pretty suggesting. He delivers two originals: Beaumont and Kickit – both bass-heavy sample-carried beats which have been remixed by our friends Johannes Albert, Mono and Johann Fanger. Contrary to our expectations they all delivered deep, functional, sometimes even technoid stuff and gave the release a ruff and unvarnished touch, which we love. [sales info from ]
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