Shielding - ENSE



12" UK

Kimochi / Kimochi 46

Front View : Shielding - ENSE (PURPLE VINYL, HAND NUMBERED) - Kimochi / Kimochi 46
Back View : Shielding - ENSE (PURPLE VINYL, HAND NUMBERED) - Kimochi / Kimochi 46

hand-numbered purple vinyl 12inch in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured sleeves, we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive)

After making an impressive turn on Wisdom Teeth last year, Okand Konstnar returns to Kimochi Sound with a new grip of bubbling, left-of-centre techno grooves for those who like things supremely dubby and dipped in stardust. There are discernible grooves coursing throughout this latest Shielding record, but the beats play second fiddle to nimble melodic lines and atmospheric ripples. Even on 'Indoors', the more kinetic thrum of the beat feels closer to a tonal synth part than a beat. 'Vinter' meanwhile invites us into a beatless realm where the synthetic organisms in Shielding's biome have the run of the place. It's deep, immersive techno existing on the fringes, where the most interesting things tend to happen. [info sheet from distr.]
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