Sebastian Mullaert - WHO?

Sebastian Mullaert


12" Vinyl UK

Hypercolour / HYPE077

Front View : Sebastian Mullaert - WHO? - Hypercolour  / HYPE077
Back View : Sebastian Mullaert - WHO? - Hypercolour  / HYPE077

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Sebastian Mullaert known as one half of Minilogue

Who is Boelja? Who is Sebastian Mullaert? Who are they really? Are they the finite body and a collection of thoughts? And who are you? Are you your memories or perhaps your projections of the future? Or are you this present moment?

What is silence? Is it solely the absence of sound? Or are all sounds springing out of silence and falls back into the same? And what is sound without context? Is it just nonsense? Or is there something more universal to it?

Where did the second vinyl go? Is it sitting in an attic or warehouse somewhere waiting to be discovered? Is it being played as you are reading this? Is all of this just a game? Are YOU being played?

Did someone make this music or did the music just happen? Where does the process of creation start? Where does it end? And who is the listener? How does the listener affect the music? Is there really any separation between the creator, listener and the music? Are they all one and the same?

What is next? Where is all this going?Is there an end? Or are your actions just another event happening in this never-ending stream of consciousness? And to whom is it happening? [info sheet from distr.]
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