Scott Grooves - DARK BLU EP


coloured 12" US

Natural Midi / NM003

Front View : Scott Grooves - DARK BLU EP (COLOURED VINYL) - Natural Midi / NM003
Back View : Scott Grooves - DARK BLU EP (COLOURED VINYL) - Natural Midi / NM003

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2022 Coloured Repress

The 3rd release by Scott Grooves on his Natural Midi label, this is Scotts first ever ep and color vinyl release. All 4 tracks possess a different mood and distinct raw edge, which plays well on this well balanced ep. Track 1 Dark Blu speaks for itself, simply stated and deeply enriched. The relentless melody never lets go of the groove and the groove never lets go the melody. Everything in this track harmonizes together perfectly.Track 2 DNA definitely disturbs the peace with vintage analog synth sounds. The old school sounding vocal sample echoes thruout the track that >Detroit needs analog records< take a listen and decide if that echoes true!Track 3 >It doesnt all have to be techy< as the title suggest there is know >techyness< here, its all about a deeply stormin groove that is enriched with warm melodic keys and a lovely guitar, yes I said guitar that altogether creates a feelin thats organic but not boring. Track 4 Decimalquivers in and out with a fm gritty synth stab, complete with minimal drums or as Scott calls them >drims< which is the term scott uses for minimal drums. Also present is a deep pad sound that brews slowly like an eruption. Co-produced by Panther, a name you will hear more about in the future [info sheet from distr.]
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