Satoshi Fumi - ESSENTIAL EP

Satoshi Fumi


12" Vinyl JP

UNKNOWN Season / USJS-006

Front View : Satoshi Fumi - ESSENTIAL EP - UNKNOWN Season / USJS-006
Back View : Satoshi Fumi - ESSENTIAL EP - UNKNOWN Season / USJS-006

6th release from UNKNOWN season label is Satoshi Fumis *Essential EP* with featuring fantastic remix for 1991 deep house classic Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada *Low Tension*. This EP delivers new old school deep house vibe that includes Jazz, Fusion, Ambient, Spiritual, Africa ... and Techno.

Satoshi Fumi is released from 、…and his alter ego Owl is famous for underground disco,jazz,house scene.He connected deep house and techno by his worldwide releasing from many type of labels.And now proudly releasing Satoshi Fumi's ep as limited vinyl.

Opening TRK「Earth Beat(Dub)」mellow atmospheric african deep house instrumentalThere features chant chorus ,warm keys,and mystic strings on new old school percussive house track!

Stay With Me(Pete Moss Remix) is already big anthem that played by Stacey Pullen、Dan Curtin、Danny Howells…Starting with fat beat break,make it groovy with triply effect.Features voice phrasing,groove keys,and effective sounds..Pete Moss make it fantastic atmospheric house ! this must be big stuff from underground to big sound system

On The B-Side features fantastic remix of 1991 deep house classic Manabu Nagayama & Soichi Terada 「Low Tension(YoshiFumi Remix)」.YoshiFumi make the original jazzy vibe into more percussive and groovy deep house tracks and sounds.Already got big reaction from Nick Holder of DNH fame.

And Last track Satoshi Fumi "4MM(Iori Wakasa Remix) is also got big floor reaction by playing Peter Dundov,Satoshi Tomiie…and many DJSs.There features beautiful piano playing on percussive deep house groove.

Here's timeless and fantastic deep house tracks on this EP. [info from label]
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