Saison - NFRV 001


NFRV 001 (Werkshy remix)

12" Vinyl UK

No Fuss / NFRV 001

Front View : Saison - NFRV 001 (Werkshy remix) - No Fuss / NFRV 001
Back View : Saison - NFRV 001 (Werkshy remix) - No Fuss / NFRV 001

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Serious Deep House

The first vinyl offering on any label needs to be something pretty special, and evidently No Fuss Records haven't forgotten that golden rule of releasing. Who better to draft than Saison, a duo with an established reputation for soulful, groove-fulled deep house that's guaranteed to make an impression on the floor? Probably nobody, hence the decision. 'I Need Ya' is a classic vocal workout, brass stabs and looped, filtered lyrics clearly positioning the track as a good times anthem. There's more than a little chug underpinning the Werkshy remix of 'Something Made Me', which stomps its way into a male chorus that should thrust fists skywards. 'Senor Blues' is more of a journey in comparison to its siblings, gradually unveiling its pianos and opening the arrangement up as the track expands from understated beginnings to room-filling proportions. [info sheet from distr.]
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