Ryuji Takeuchi / Íspiel - BRV003

Ryuji Takeuchi / Íspiel


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Front View : Ryuji Takeuchi / Íspiel - BRV003 - BRVTAL / BRV003
Back View : Ryuji Takeuchi / Íspiel - BRV003 - BRVTAL / BRV003

Third BRVTAL release is a split EP from Ryuji Takeuchi and Íspiel.

With the third vinyl release BRVTAL turns to the east and puts together two favorite noisy-industrial techno artists that originate from Asia, Ryuji Takeuchi & Ospiel.

On hearing the first sound on side A, we already know there will be no joking, because the legendary Osaka-based producer and DJ, Ryuji Takeuchi delivered us two uncompromising, heavy raw and noisy tracks. He has a lot behind him, because his first connection with electronic music was in the early 90s. Since then he lived in the US, bought his turntables, gears, got in touch with Techno and other genres that we can catch in his musical legacy.

Don't worry, there will be no drift on the B side either, because the Brussels-based, but South Korean origin DJ and producer, Ospiel represents another two songs of his own characteristic techno sound. Both tracks influenced by his practice of electroacoustic music, he has developed a musical approach based on the exploration of sound matter. His productions present a narrative in which sound design creates a dark and cathartic soundscape. Industrial rhythms are confronted with manipulated textures and sounds, creating an energy specific to the artist. [info sheet from distr.]
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