Rico Puestel - CARAVEL

Rico Puestel
12" Vinyl D
Cocoon / COR12146

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
Cocoon Recordings presents COR12146. the dignified follow-up 12inch by Rico Puestel that we were waiting for so long. Cocoon head Sven Võth himself is dropping Caravel for quite some time already and the godfather of German techno smashes floors around the globe with this hot and dirty bombshell. Take all of the rocking techno ingredients that you loved so much over the last decade and you get a melt down of Dustin Zahn. Industrial Strength Soundhack and many more milestones to nameà however Puestel created a very unique own style out of all these influences and the result is simply outstanding. Sven played the acetate of this so often that we even had to cut a second one. Techno-trainspotter worldwide went mad for this one and were killing us with their requests and track-ID inquiries. The wait is over guys! Caravel and Est (on the flipside) are two cutting edge techno monsters that hold enough energy to power your car. your computer. your phone. your lifeàwe cannot imagine what Rico will show us next
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