Ricardo Villalobos - MANDELA MOVE EP

Ricardo Villalobos


2x12" Vinyl D

Deset / DESET02

Front View : Ricardo Villalobos - MANDELA MOVE EP (2X12INCH, VINYL ONLY) - Deset / DESET02
Back View : Ricardo Villalobos - MANDELA MOVE EP (2X12INCH, VINYL ONLY) - Deset / DESET02

fresh stripped back Dancefloor Movers ... 4 tracks on 4 Sides

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Berlin mainstay Ricardo Villalobos has delivered the 'Mandela Move EP,' a 4-track EP of freshly stripped-back dancefloor movers saturated in brilliantly clever, unorthodox and masterful sound design. Arriving as the second release on the Deset label, Ricardo Villalobos offers his incredible production talents to the blossoming Italian label, already heavily desired by both discerning DJs and punters alike.

'Mandela Move' is a patient club cut in true Villalobos style: loopy, tracky and trippy. Sonically shapeshifting in different directions, surprise percussion changes, perfectly sourced samples and a storytelling theme from start to end.

'Frontec' is a shimmering 13-minute banger focused on only the most important elements and effects. Live percussion and fantastic tones sprinkle throughout with creatively tuned bells and whistles scattered across in a way only Ricardo can do.

'Ectroscop' comes complete with some fuzzy bass frequencies and twisted vocal samples which rest under the surface. The loose rhythm structure and general freedom of the track confirms a true dance cut destined to be a favorite for the crowds listening closely.

'Beetglass' is centered around a shuffling house foundation with huge synth swirls which come seemingly out of nowhere. Truly a prime time Villalobos banger if there's ever been one. Destined to lift the heads off the lucky folks on the floor when it's played. +++ [info from Label]
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