Ricardo Tobar - OUR VIOLENCE

Ricardo Tobar



Musar Records / MUSAR015

Front View : Ricardo Tobar - OUR VIOLENCE - Musar Records / MUSAR015
Back View : Ricardo Tobar - OUR VIOLENCE - Musar Records / MUSAR015

Full Art Work , Inner Sleeve, limited to 300 Copies

We commence with a warm and bouncy UK acid house vibe. We conclude with a beguiling ‘Boards of Canada’ style electronic bubble bath. We’re treated to an array of flavors and an outstanding S.O.N.S remix in between. It can only be MUSAR and another compelling collection from Ricardo Tobar. With a discography that started on Border Community and includes the likes of Co-coon and ESP Institute as well as MUSAR, Chilean Ricardo’s credentials speak for themselves. His music does, too. Constantly playing with themes of displacement, disorientation and delight in his fusions, ‘Our Violence’ was inspired by the ongoing discussions of cultural appropriation. At its heaviest, on tracks like the Isolee-esque ‘Our Vio-lence’ and S.O.N.S’s SYO rolling breakbeat remix of ‘La Femme Aux Masques’, we’re thrust deep into the most hypnotic of dances. At its most esoteric and experi-mental, tracks like ‘Mineral’ and ‘La Femme Aux Masques’, we’re taken to places we didn’t even know existed. Places that refuse to accept current formulas or standards and take us outside the box - where MUSAR always loves to be. [info sheet from distr.]
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