Quadra 163 - SPIN COASTER

Quadra 163


12" Vinyl D

Elypsia Records / ELY05912

Front View : Quadra 163 - SPIN COASTER (OSUNLADE REWORK) - Elypsia Records / ELY05912
Back View : Quadra 163 - SPIN COASTER (OSUNLADE REWORK) - Elypsia Records / ELY05912

Incl. Osunlade Rework

Through the combined brilliant minds of Fabrice Lig, Kiko Navarro, Karim Sahraoui and Jean Vanesse, the new musical force known as Quadra 163 has arrived. Working together in Jean Vanesse’s Belgium studio, their debut EP, “Spin Coaster EP” was born. Through intense live collaboration over 3 full days, the results are these incredible original tracks and a remix from the American house legend, Osunlade (Yoruba Records). Belgium’s Elypsia Records have an absolutely essential release here for those looking for proper club weapons - each track dreamt up by a crew of producers with decades of critical acclaim and club credibility. Osunlade kicks off the release on A1 with his rework of ‘Spin Coaster.’ The remix is a late night machine jam saturated with sharp synth textures and a shuffling rhythm which will lock the dancefloor tightly in place. A perfect blend between House and Techno, it’s a shining example of Osunlade’s keen ability to capture imagination with function, tension with release. ‘Ghetto Beat’ steps up as the A2, with a drum heavy cut full of off-kilter hits and tones which twist and turn in frequency and timbre. It’s the type of track that will get the crowds cheering and jackin’ and dancing without a break. A proper tool to slam into the set whenever energy levels need to lift higher and things need to get slightly twisted. Title track ‘Spin Coaster’ sets up the B-side with a master session of prime time techno making magic. A playfully thick bassline resonates in and out of the analog rhythms while a synth tone builds tension over the track’s entire duration. A few breaks for the clubbers to catch their breath are placed in the perfect spots - but only for a brief moment before things kick back in. Rounding out the release is ‘Ghetto Train,’ an absolutely mental banger. [info sheet from distr.]
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