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Wolfskuil / wolf026

Front View : Qindek - OUTBREAK EP - Wolfskuil / wolf026
Back View : Qindek - OUTBREAK EP - Wolfskuil / wolf026

When Thomas Lauren Came To Us With His New Techno Project Qindek, We Were Instantly Intrigued. Qindek Sees Thomas Moving Away From His Melodic Background Into Uncharted Abstract Territories, Without Losing The Warmth And Depth

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When Wolfskuil recording artist Thomas Lauren came to us with his new techno project Qindek, we were instantly intrigued. Qindek sees Thomas moving away from his melodic background into uncharted abstract territories, without losing the warmth and depth we’ve come to know him for.

Three tracks (two originals and one live jam with Digga) are on this EP, each with its own distinct character. The titletrack is psychedelic little monster wich received support from Peter van Hoesen and Sandrien in the demostage allready. It’s dark, brooding atmosphere is matched only by the suspense and irie groove, withour ever reaching full climax. It’s counterpart, the bigroom anthem ‘Te Beroerd’, on the flip is a whole different matter. Very powerfull stuff and there is absolutely no way around it’s rave antics and monstrous kickdrum.

Last but definitely not least is the livejam Qindek did with his studio companion Digga. Harder & Faster is a great hypnotic session of the guys with a catchy, almost sweet sounding theme draped in lush sounddesign and pounding grooves. [txt from ]
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