Point Blank Aka Secret Cinema - MENGS THEME

Point Blank Aka Secret Cinema


12" Vinyl BE

Green Records / GR28

Front View : Point Blank Aka Secret Cinema - MENGS THEME (JORIS VOORN REMIX) - Green Records / GR28
Back View : Point Blank Aka Secret Cinema - MENGS THEME (JORIS VOORN REMIX) - Green Records / GR28

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(incl. Joris Voorn Remix) Its A Brave Artist Who Takes On The Task Of Remixing What Many Would Regard As A True classic Record. Especially When Said Track Holds Its Own Personal Memories, Having Played Its Part In Shaping Their Own Musical Path. Green Boss Joris Voorn Has Taken The Plunge, By Lending His Skills To Reworking ‘mengs Theme, A True Dutch Techno Classic From Secret Cinemas Former Alter Ego, Point Blank.

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It’s a brave artist who takes on the task of remixing what many would regard as a true ‘Classic’ record. Especially when said track holds it’s own personal memories, having played it’s part in shaping their own musical path.

Green boss Joris Voorn has taken the plunge, by lending his skills to reworking ‘Mengs Theme', a true Dutch techno classic from Secret Cinema’s former alter ego, Point Blank.

“In the summer of 1996 I bought a CD from a friend of mine called In Order To Dance 5. The music was intriguing to say the least. It was an introduction to a variety kinds of techno, from experimental, hard and minimal to soulful, warm and melodic.

One of the tracks that stood out for me was ‘Meng’s Theme’ by Point Blank (better known now as Secret Cinema). It was a seven and half minute intense musical trip with overwhelmingly hypnotic melodies and haunting percussion.

‘Meng’s Theme’ has remained one of my very favourite tracks since that summer and has always had a place in my record box. To Re-release it on Green, alongside my a remix of my own, is a real honour.”

To complete his landmark release for Green, Voorn’s fresh take is backed by a remastered version of the 1994 original. [txt from ]
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