12" Vinyl D

Le Temps Perdu / HHMM-0600

Front View : Pletnev - VORANTO BROS - Le Temps Perdu / HHMM-0600
Back View : Pletnev - VORANTO BROS - Le Temps Perdu / HHMM-0600

Twisted Psycho-House ! Incl. Discodromo Remix

Alexander Pletnev started an entirely new journey under his own name two years ago. Release after release on forward thinking and respected labels like Media Fury, KUMP, Fleeting Wax, SZE and Hard Fist, he has built a solid discography of incredible diversity - from percussive DJ tools to viscous synthetic EBM to dreamy weirdness. His latest EP titled Voranto Bros is a long awaited return to Le Temps Perdu and the prime example of refined musical storytelling. Title track is a cinematic tale, a sound novel about two migrant brothers hitting the shores of USA in the dawn of XXth century to became vicious gangsters, broken souls ruling the night of NYC. Dusty tape hiss, off kilter percussions and melodies all alternate to later sink under the weight of heavy drums. While Hope They Wont Come Back is a severe instrumental ballad with low drums, talking bass lines and noisy guitar riffs - five minutes inside confused man’s mind. On a remix front, Cocktail D’Amore’s head honchos Discodromo strip Voranto Bros down to bear bones to deliver EBM style dance floor burner. And Harold Boué aka Abstraxion aka Lion’s Drums of Biologic Records fame delivers menacing remix for Hope They Won’t Come Back, a dark & mystic journey, which unwinds slowly and builds up to unexpected climax. [info sheet from distr.]
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