12" Vinyl FR

Recits De Voyage / RDV06

Front View : Orion - LOOK AT THINGS - Recits De Voyage / RDV06
Back View : Orion - LOOK AT THINGS - Recits De Voyage / RDV06

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Slamming Deep House Groover

With their second appearance on Récit de Voyage Italian duo Orion deliver a full EP, full of lowkey atmospherics, cool hues and textures and sublime frequencies designed to caress your ear drums. The twosome, from Bologna, debuted on RDV Music back in March 2019, appearing on the Récit de Voyage various artists compilation. Since then they've been pushing out their brand of supple deep house via their own imprint Orion Records. Here we're treated to four original cuts as the duo demonstrate their production prowess... The first track 'Windom Earle' (for all the Twin Peaks fans) encapsulates Orion's ability to channel classic deep house tropes through their contemporary lens. Juxtaposing a dense low end with airy top layers, the cut tantalises your mind and moves your body at the same time. Chugging beats and subtle hypnotic melodies give this track its strong gravitational pull. Next up is 'Samui' which is powered by a rubbery bassline and morose wind section. This one tells a story, progression steadily as new arrangements and layers come into play emphasising different emotional strands. Wait for the analogue squelch... On the flip 'Global Channel' features a snub-nosed kick drum, which gives the track more urgency. Jazzy notes pop in and out of the background, playfully dancing with the other elements to create a multi-voice chorus. As the track develops Orion tease in additional hints of percussion to up the pace a little, while also using pads to amplify the track's overall character. Lastly, it's 'JRB', a spacious organic sounding production which showcases Orion's dexterity. The atmosphere is light, shaving away the low frequencies to allow the top end to really flourish. A couple of vocal snippets are used to great effect, and the duo keep things very focused making this a repetitive, hypnotic trip into the deeper side of club music [info sheet from distr.]
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