Niki Istrefi / Anetha / Hadone - BODY CHANGES ARE NATURAL EP

Niki Istrefi / Anetha / Hadone


12" Vinyl FR

Mama Told Ya / MTY002

Front View : Niki Istrefi / Anetha / Hadone - BODY CHANGES ARE NATURAL EP - Mama Told Ya / MTY002
Back View : Niki Istrefi / Anetha / Hadone - BODY CHANGES ARE NATURAL EP - Mama Told Ya / MTY002

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Phat Raving Split EP .... Prime Time

Paris-based DJ & producer Anetha returns with "Body Changes Are Natural", the second release on her fresh label Mama Told Ya featuring Niki Istrefi and Hadone

As illustrated in the first record, Mama Told Ya dives into the idea of collaboration as a creative medium, which aims to challenge artists to strive to produce something new. Anetha appreciates to connect and explore with producers from different corners of the scene to experiment with diversity. Each project has two different artists with a collaborative track each with Anetha and a track of their own.

For this new chapter, Anetha invited Copenhagen's rising producer Niki Istrefi who is responsible for the inaugural EP of the iconic Euromantic label. On the other side, Possession resident Hadone, also known as half of 90s Process, joins the team for a balanced EP of both emotional and fast-paced rhythms.

The process for the label's graphic concept is similar to the music. The artwork for this new EP was produced by the London-based visual artist Claire Barrow who made an ethereal and bright coloured painting for the cover. One can see emerging faces morphing into the background, referring back to the natural body changes to embody the vision of Mama Told Ya's second release.

"Body Changes Are Natural" is a seamless sequel to the first release "Don't Rush To Grow Up", showcasing an array of experimentations. Opening the first track with one of Copenhagen's finest Niki Istrefi, who takes charge with a booming tune named 'No Ordinary Love'. The track is driven by pummelling kicks and complimented by piercing synths. Up next is 'One more cartoon, please', the collaboration between Anetha and Niki. This cut showcases a playful production between tribal elements and an intoxicating melody that perpetrates the signature sound of Mama Told Ya.

On the B-Side we are introduced to French native Hadone, who is crushing sets at clubs all over Europe. His tune with Anetha '4pm Snacks' focuses on hi-NRG kicks at 140bpm with smooth siren-like melodies keeping the madness at a high throughout. The final solo track 'Hiding My Machine' by Hadone is heavily IDM-inspired with a complex drumming progression and soft synths. Makes it a flawless ending to a record with 4 varied stories through the intensity of euphoria. [info sheet from distr.]
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