Nicola Kazimir - ONLY RECEPTORS

Nicola Kazimir


12" Vinyl D

Les Points / LESPOINTS001

Front View : Nicola Kazimir - ONLY RECEPTORS (MIKE SHANNON RMX) - Les Points / LESPOINTS001
Back View : Nicola Kazimir - ONLY RECEPTORS (MIKE SHANNON RMX) - Les Points / LESPOINTS001

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Support von Raresh, Brothers Vibe, John Tejada, Magda, Richie Hawtin, Mihai Popoviciu, Chris Carrier, Rene Breitbarth Alexander Shulgins theory says that man has produced endogenous hallucinogens in prehistoric times. In order to ensure his survival this had to regress. What remains in our generation are receptors, modern man has only receptors. With the EP Only Receptors Les Points debut with their eponymous label. Four tracks aligned to stimulate the receptors on the dance floor.

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Nicola Kazimir’s EP “Only Receptors” consists of three originals - one of which enjoys vinyl exclusivity - and a remix. The remix is delivered by Mike Shannon (Cynosure) which excels in its marvellous straight wildness. - Mike Shannon remix - Surfin’ With Girls On My Shoulder is vinyl only - Jacques Le Point surrealism portrait cover [txt from ]
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