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Sex Tape From Mars / SEXTAPE002

Front View : Muelsa - INFINITE JOURNEY - Sex Tape From Mars / SEXTAPE002
Back View : Muelsa - INFINITE JOURNEY - Sex Tape From Mars / SEXTAPE002

4 classy minimal cuts from 28-year-old Parisian Muelsa.

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Sex Tapes From Mars second outing into space comes from 28-year-old Parisian, Muelsa, delivering four high-octane club thrillers.

A1 - 'Across The Pampa' is spacious in old school lighting, relying on a deep-set rapidly shifting bassline and carnivalesque sample twangs to lift it to a melodic yet high-energy EP starter. This is the kind of track the could as easily be the last and first record at a party.

'Wild Nights' brings what it states in the title; grizzly low end, tinkering upper keys that shimmer psychedelic. The notes that the first breakdown brings paired with that vintage vocoder will give even the most stush raver goosebumps.

On the flip, 'No Joke (G-Knews Mix)' despite the playful sampling perhaps brings the deepest, if not certainly freakiest cut on the record. It combines elements of NY house with rolling nu-school acid and arduous, bumpy drum work.

To close things off, 'Pretty Little Monsters', further bends b-lines and star-line synth twinkles with a maliciously satisfactory attack on the senses. There are cinematic squeals at nearly every frequency, making for a full-bodied finale to a very well rounded second release on this exciting new label.
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