Mike Shannon


12" Vinyl D

Cynosure / cyn033

Front View : Mike Shannon - THE BOX EP, ADAM MARSHALL RMX - Cynosure / cyn033
Back View : Mike Shannon - THE BOX EP, ADAM MARSHALL RMX - Cynosure / cyn033

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Cynosure Flag Ship Artist and label Navigator Mike Shannon reaches into his archives and selects the much-anticipated “The Box EP.” “The Box is Open” was always a highlight of many of Mr.Shannon’s dj sessions and live acts. This cut delivers nostalgic, old school of Detroit, soulful, techno jack. A ton to digest there but there really is no other way to sum it up. Adam Marshall Graces the EP with a stormer of a remix. Taking things a step further, Adam really explores a different use of the chords given to you in the original. A smooth kicking set of drums and ever elevating sequences of synth keep you on your toes never really knowing exactly when things will drop. Definitely a production trait that Adam is best known for and it never fails on the floor. Howie Mangel

2000 and one (Intacto): “realy like this release by mike shannon. it reminds me kinda of tyree cooper's video clash:)”
Brothers Vibe (Mixx Rec): “The original mix is blazin'! Love it man! Nice funked out house joint - Def play!”
Chica Paula - Ruta 5, Monika: “I love the original! ”
Damian Lazarus: “AMAZING release, love IT ”
Efdemin (Dial): “not shure if I said this already, but I play B2 a lot! ”
ErnestoFerreyra (Cynosure): “Great release Mike! been playing the original version a lot and with huge response!!!”
Fe=derico Molinari (Oslo): “very funky! will play it”
Franco Cinelli: “I really like the Original Version, the sound is really amazing!, play it :)”
Justin Long - DotBleep: “fucking awesome! love both mixes but been seriously banging the adam marshall mix!”
lauhaus - intacto, remote area: “really good work by mike. typical shanon style and i like it. thanx. ”
Mark-Henning: “ original is nice :) ”
Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanze: “great!!!!!thanks”
Mazi (Audio Soul Project): “Diggin' both versions. The syncopation of the original gets me and the skippy chords of the AM redux are just music to my ears. Both versions have a stuck-out-of-time vibe that I love.”
Mossa (Circus Company): “its about time this one sees the light of day ! this track from mike is truly fun and funky. full support.”
Nick Höppner ( Mymy ): “The box ep is top notch. Can't decide which mix I like most, both mixes are really great.”
R. Khan, CHRY 105.5FM-Toronto: “The original mix is the one for me! - real funky ass groove with some nice percussive elements, big claps and stop and go rhythmic patterns”
Raresh: “b2 is the one for me .. cool bass line ”
Sebo K (Mobilee): “great job mike! the original is my favourite.”
Shinedoe (Intacto): “The box is open, nice track. Support”
Shonky: “Thanks for the promo I Love the Box Original,will play for sure and want to chart it.” [feedback from wa]
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