Matt Dubspun


12" Vinyl US

Vibenotic / VBNTC012

Front View : Matt Dubspun - KYSELA DRAZKOVACI HUDBA / ACIDIC GROOVE MUSIC - Vibenotic / VBNTC012

Transparent Vinyl, incl Runnout Etching I Do For Love

Acidic Groove Music translated into the Czech language is Kyselá Drážkovací Hudba. 11/17/2019 is the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in the former country Czechoslovakia. The anniversary falls on a Sunday this year so this record will be released a day before the eve of the revolution's anniversary. It was a peaceful revolution and happened just weeks after the fall of the Berlin wall. Why the translation and the release date? This release was a long time in the making, just like the protestors who gathered in secret, planning, days before that historic event. Acidic Groove Music is anticipated to be a revolutionary release for Vibenotic Recordings. Some of my ancestors are from Bohemia, a country that became part of Czechoslovakia and soon after that, the Soviet Union. So it's a tribute to them and their old country. In an uncertain time in America where the establishment openly looks down on immigrants, I want to embrace my immigrant heritage and show it off even more. Additionally, some of my ancestors were involved in the dance music of their eras and I would like to continue their legacy since I've been a part of dance music as a DJ for approximately 30 years. I have spent some time in the Czech Republic which contains the former country, Bohemia and amid all of the historic castles and landmarks you really do hear a lot of House Music, Techno and Downtempo. It's really a vibrant place with something for everyone. Just over 30 years ago it was impossible for westerners to see what is considered to be the jewel of Europe. What I hope you will find when listening and grooving to it is a smooth, modern and free journey into Deep House, Techno and Downtempo. All the material is 100% original and made with hardware synthesizers and drum machines. The songs are different styles but all include that magical, mysterious, battery operated, silver plastic, instrument; the legendary Roland TB- 303. Since Czech like English, is one of the most difficult languages to learn and speak Kyselá Drážkovací Hudba is also known as Acidic Groove Music.

Shadow of Self – Influenced by the deep electronic sound of Chicago's pioneers Fingers Inc. and Armando of the 1980's this song is stripped down to Acid House with lush pads and classic drum programming. It was made with a Devil Fish modified TB -303, Elektron MachineDrum SPS 1UW, Casio RZ-1, Korg Minilogue and Clavia Nord Lead 3.

Aberdeen – A 90's influenced House track with a sliding TB-303 bass line, swinging/shuffling drums and a chord that evolves as the track plays with pad swells and swirls. Aberdeen is named after a street on the south side of Chicago that had a bar on it where I introduced this neighborhood to the deeper Northside sound of the 90's.

Metrics – Detroit Techno meets Chicago House with a futurist approach to the acid sound we know and love. Acid, drums and a bending pad start this one off and then it evolves into a panning clap sound reminiscent of 80's Farley tracks.

LoFi Lounge Music – A downtempo track with a break beat that steadily introduces additional melodies. Is it downtempo or is it some type of drum and bass hybrid? You decide. It actually has multiple tempos throughout and it is complex. After Anthony Nicholson received the promo he replied that this track is "Brilliant". I wish to thank him again. [info sheet from distr.]
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