Matilda - RIN 18


RIN 18

12" Vinyl D

Random Island / RIN018

Front View : Matilda - RIN 18 - Random Island / RIN018
Back View : Matilda - RIN 18 - Random Island / RIN018

Drei solide Tracks von Matilda aus Stockholm, einem Techno-Weltraum-Zoo mit viel Nervosität und Spannung, der Drohnen und Feldaufnahmen über sich ständig weiterentwickelnde Schlagzeug-Patterns legt.

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Three solid tracks from Stockholm-based Matilda, a space zoo of techno with plenty of nerve and tension, layering drones and field recordings over ever evolving drum patterns. This is the duo's first full EP together, but they are far from rookies. Vicky Zissou has been making waves for years both as a producer and as one of Stockholm's most interesting DJs, and Hampus Bogren aka Skóll already has a couple of highly acclaimed releases to his name. [info sheet from distr.]
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