Marvin & Guy - MIGRATION

Marvin & Guy


12" Vinyl D

Permanent Vacation / PERMVAC211-1

Front View : Marvin & Guy - MIGRATION - Permanent Vacation / PERMVAC211-1
Back View : Marvin & Guy - MIGRATION - Permanent Vacation / PERMVAC211-1

Permanent Vacation welcomes Marvin & Guy with their Migration EP

Marvin & Guy return to Permanent Vacation with the "Migration" EP, which marks their third ep for the label and a new evolution in the M&G sound.

Migration means moving, understand when a territory is no longer hospitable and find new livelihoods. In this specific case means new inspirations, new ideas, exploring new sounds.
Marvin & Guy take birth from a synergy between two eclectic minds, more into sounds than technique that after several years into a specifically Dance scenario they’ve decided to start a transition towards a purer form of sound, more ancestral. To do this they’ve just benched all dogmas from the beloved Dance Music and they focused more on just playing and having fun with Synthesizers and Drum Machines to create a fully analog session like it was made 40 years ago. Migration was born out of jam sessions recorded in real time and then make them work it out with an intense postproduction and scrupulous editing.

Migration is the transition, their prelude of the very first M&G Album which will comes out in 2022.

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