Louie Vega, Various Artists - VEGA RECORDS 5 PACK UNRELEASED III



Vega Records / VRADE22

Front View : Louie Vega, Various Artists - VEGA RECORDS 5 PACK UNRELEASED III (5LP) - Vega Records / VRADE22
A1: Mr X - The Curse
B1: Funki Cadets - World Collisions
C1: Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz
D1: Michel Cleis ft. Zako Langa Langa - Baza Sos Fever
E1: Honeysweet - Exodus (Of 21)
F1: Honeysweet - Last Night Changed It All
G1: Elements Of Life ft. Josh Milan - Let Us Shine
H1: Elements Of Life ft. Axel Tosca - Los Tonos Sagrados (Demo Instrumental)
I1: Honeysweet - Being Free
J1: Two Soul Fusion - Dancing In The Street (Demo Instrumental)

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Vega Records are proud to present the 3rd series of the 5 Pack Unreleased Vinyl containing never released tracks by various VR artists. From the dub oriented summer scorcher "The Curse" by Mr. X, a Northern Jersey newcomer, to the sounds of Honeysweet by Josh Milan, you are taken through the musical landscapes and colors of House. Michel Cleis brings us a dance floor anthem with "Baza SOS Fever" (A Congolese Tribute) and Louie Vega introduces a brand new Elements Of Life "Let Us Shine" Featuring Josh Milan with lyrics by Nico Vega along with the jazzy instrumental "Los Tonos Sagrados" Featuring Axel Tosca. Newcomers Two Soul Fusion who have remixed the likes of MF Robots, Conclave, Brian Jackson and the soon Robert Glasper Club Remix have gifted "Dancing In The Streets" showing the demo stages of their tracks in full form with a summertime vibe. Funki Cadets who brought you the V.R. Anthem on Launch Entertainment have "World Collisions" on the Vega Records 5 pack steering you to the underground sound made especially for the dancers and NYC underground culture. Here's a little something about Honeysweet produced by Josh Milan, "Last Night" featuring Lawrence Clark on sax is the kind of groove that keeps its dance floor value while holding up the banner of true musicianship. Rhodes, picked bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drum kit is all that's needed on this one. "Exodus" the manipulation of major and minor chords in this groove make it complex and interesting. The listener is lead by the organ solo featured here. The song is a mental escape. A mental exodus. "Being Free" is a message that captures the point of this entire project. Musical freedom and expression is where this project gets its fuel. Horns, are included on this production. A true expression of soulful music. "Being free should be all the time I'm your mind all the time". All this amazing music is carefully curated music by Vega Records CEO Louie Vega making the Vega Records 5 Pack Unreleased III a SURESHOT [info sheet from distr.]

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