Kursk, Volsent - THE INSTINCT SERIES 2

Kursk, Volsent


coloured 12" Vinyl D

House of Reptile / HOFRIS02

Front View : Kursk, Volsent - THE INSTINCT SERIES 2 (WHITE VINYL) - House of Reptile / HOFRIS02
Back View : Kursk, Volsent - THE INSTINCT SERIES 2 (WHITE VINYL) - House of Reptile / HOFRIS02

Second Instinct Series release from House of Reptile is a split EP by Kursk and Volsent, featuring a Duellist remix.

For a second installment of The Instinct Series, we have invited Kursk (Berlin) and Volsent (Amsterdam). Both, alien to one another, their musical language broke through the borders and laid-out foundations of unity on this split EP.

Stylistically, the two artists’ have already crafted their distinct styles. Yet it is the rawness of their respective sounds, which is the glue that binds this release together. And to complete it, Duellist, the industrial techno warlock, lends his hand with a remix.

The whole EP embodies our vision, not only in the form of the “sonic medicine”. By offering our creative platform to the emerging artists’ as well as being true to our motto, we are “setting fire to the rage of acceptance”. Unearthing the yet unheard and locating them at the heart of our community.

The name of the label itself is about us working on bettering ourselves and being united in all our differences. “Reptile” is about our relationship with the reptilian brain and our efforts to understand what truly means to be human (tools to perfect your instinct), becoming aware of ourselves and the others around us. “House of” is a direct allusion to the “house and ball culture” movements in NYC in the early 80s. [info sheet from distr.]
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