KRTM / Tim Tama - SSSPCR 002

KRTM / Tim Tama


12" Vinyl NL


Front View : KRTM / Tim Tama - SSSPCR 002 - PRSPCT SSSPCR / PRSPCTSPCR002
Back View : KRTM / Tim Tama - SSSPCR 002 - PRSPCT SSSPCR / PRSPCTSPCR002

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KRTM and Tim Tama on the 2nd release of PRSPCT’s SSSPCR series. Comes in full colour sleeve with download code included.

The second SSSPCR record is a collaborative piece between Tim Tama and [KRTM]. Both bringing their most intimate signature sound, this record is the result of two artists that isolate themselves from current trends for the sake of genuine musical flow.

[KRTM]'s "Slave". An introspective, yet violent tune. Disjointed time signatures are moving explicitly forward. Uncompromising.

Tim Tama's "Dream Syntax". Reminiscent of the explosive early rave era, but no one could have done it like Tim does. The astonishing flow of playfulness in its melodies and robust, yet cheerful breakbeats underline the versatility of this producer which we only became more hungry for. "Dream Syntax" brings back the euphoria into this dark wave of techno music. [info sheet from distr.]
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