Konerytmi - NAUHURI


12" UK

Infiltrate / Infiltrate 010

Front View : Konerytmi - NAUHURI - Infiltrate / Infiltrate 010
Back View : Konerytmi - NAUHURI - Infiltrate / Infiltrate 010

140 G Vinyl

Sturdy electro thumpery from Konery TMI, served up in five portions across what will surely prove a highly delectable EP for fans of the genre. Opening track 'Nauhuri' and 'Automaa' are both full of grace and gorgeous, effortless glide, while 'Lumivyory' alters the mood somewhat to get down and dirty with some thoroughly filthy acid squelch filth. 'Polaaritahti' takes its cue from the more minimal 80s sounds of Egyptian Lover or Hashim, before we draw to a close with the more serene and soothing 'Mustikka'. [info sheet from distr.]
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