Kastil & I-Real - VOODOO

Kastil & I-Real


12" Vinyl NL

Soul Notes Recordings / SN1208

Front View : Kastil & I-Real - VOODOO - Soul Notes Recordings / SN1208
Back View : Kastil & I-Real - VOODOO - Soul Notes Recordings / SN1208

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One Would Never Think Of Mystic Rituals When Thinking Of Basque County. Yet, This Might Be A Premature Thought. Naturally, The Isle Of Haiti Or The American Deep South Come To Mind When Thinking Of These Tribal Traditions.

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Label owner Kastil and his good friend I-Real are also not afraid of these so called spiritual folkways.The major difference being that they use machines to do the job. Voodoo turned out to be a release that indeed hints to far-away cultures and sobby swamps. At least the title track does.

Coming from a similar background of loving music that's heavily based on machines and technology but at the same time captures certain emotions, the two Basques teamed up in Kastil's modular lair that's situated deep in the hills of Vitoria. The outcome is to be experienced. Whilst the before mentioned Voodoo is drenched with perc, Lo Mak and Kao Kamoo are based heavily on an almost anti 4X4 mindstate. Technically advanced beats topped off with otherworldly pads and state of the art sound design.
Chang is a moody bit, buldging with bass and reminiscent of underwater-wildlife. [txt from ]
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