Ka§par - PLANAR EP



12" Vinyl D

Mont Lake / MLR003

Front View : Ka§par - PLANAR EP (VINYL ONLY) - Mont Lake / MLR003
Back View : Ka§par - PLANAR EP (VINYL ONLY) - Mont Lake / MLR003

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third release on Mont Lake records

It’s hard to beat Lisbon based veteran producer and DJ, Ka§par. In the last year alone Ka§par has released four physical EPs, each with four tracks, adding much to his substantial vinyl catalogue which includes outings on legendary labels such as Clone, 4Lux, Midnight Shift, Rawax, Stripped & Chewed, Escapade and his own Percebes Música…

His long-standing friendship with the owners of Mont Lake Records comes to fruition as his new “Planar EP” becomes a physical reality. “Planar EP” is a 4-track polyptych comprising three originals and a remix, on Ka§par’s favoured format, the vinyl EP.

First, the gnarly psychedelic techno-funk abstraction of “Desfaz” - a loose beat pattern laden with a relentless arpeggiated bass, topped off with mysterious hypnotic melodies and an organic arrangement designed to create sublime moments on enlightened dancefloors.

Then there’s the contrasting euphoria of “Upright Stomp”, a classic house number with sharp saw chords and classic Lately Bass melodies that sounds monstrous and irresistible, like a true long-lost New York club classic.

“Planar”, the track that gives the EP its name, is a deep physical workout with a slower pace and heavy bass, in true Detroit Beatdown fashion. “Planar” also gets a deep and heavy remix by London-based producer Leonidas. Famous for his collaboration “Web of Intrigue” with Hobbes (voted at no 1 in Bill Brewster’s “Furtive top 50” DJ poll of 2017), as well as his lovetoparty audiophile system, Leo starts with raw bass and kick, and proceeds to introduce deep and funky elements to the original’s melodies, with clarity and precision, focusing on the bare essential elements and building up the arrangement from a dark, bleak atmosphere into an optimistic, uplifting shuttle ride through space, looking downward on the blue planet.

When it comes to being cool and under the radar, while retaining originality and integrity there’s few that can match Ka§par’s path, except maybe Leonidas, the perfect musical partner to make this record a real must have! [info from Label]
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