Julie Marghilano - TIME IN SPACE

Julie Marghilano


12" Vinyl D

Sol Asylum / SA016

Front View : Julie Marghilano - TIME IN SPACE - Sol Asylum / SA016
Back View : Julie Marghilano - TIME IN SPACE - Sol Asylum / SA016

Julie Marghilano back on her own label SOL ASYLUM

Born in the US but now very much a resident of Berlin, Julie Marghilano is a trained violinist whose otherworldly take on house and techno never fail to impress. The owner of the Sol Asylum label, Julie tends to adhere to a quality-over-quantity approach to production, only perking up every now and then but ensuring when she does so that’s it’s worth the wait. And such is the case with her latest, the brilliant sounds of ‘Time In Space’. Marghilano’s first return to her label since last year’s exceptional ‘Mercury Jasmine’, ‘Time in Space’ is vintage Marghilano: high on atmospherics and imbued with subtleties from the get-go, this is well-honed music of the sort the obsessive audiophiles in particular are sure to devour.
We kick off with the sounds of the title track. A humid, sticky, afterparty-focused gem, it boasts a Perlon-esque sensibility that sees it merge the colourful and the unusual. A dizzying, hypnotic cut that’s both unpredictable and highly enjoyable, it gets us off off to a flying start here. ‘Eclipse’ follows a more stringent techno path, although it too is another track that maintains its own singular vibe. A bumping, groove-heavy cut that’s characterised by its weighty vibes and dramatic overtones, it’s exactly the sort of track that will sound just right during the night’s more tripped-out hours.
The B side gets underway courtesy of ‘Planet Minor’, a stifling cut that’s designed to leave listeners in a haze. The sort of tough-to-pigeonhole track with which the producer is best known for, it sticks out from the crowd thanks to a firmn refusal to stand still and a willingness to try something different. The record then closes out soon after with ’Said and Done’, an emotive, introspective deep house cut that showcases Marghilano’s many influences. Haunting but beautiful, it’s drenched in positive vibes and is a joy to behold throughout the course of its almost six minutes. [info sheet from distr.]
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