Jolly Mare - EPSILON

Jolly Mare


12" lp

International Feel / IFEEL073LP

Front View : Jolly Mare - EPSILON (LP) - International Feel / IFEEL073LP
Back View : Jolly Mare - EPSILON (LP) - International Feel / IFEEL073LP

International Feel welcomes Jolly Mare

International Feel welcomes Jolly Mare. Hailing from Italy and being a well-versed producer. Multi-instrumentalist and passionate DJ, his first release on the rekindled label sees him delving deep into the mystical and magical realms of vintage synthesizers, drum machines and effect units (please see back sleeve or below for a full instrument list). Sounding like a one-man band from the late Seventies conferring with a studio wizard from the 2020s, it has all the components of a cosmic or balearic master thesis: traces of Krautrock, Italian pop sensibilities, dance rhythms, cosmic curveballs and capturing chants. The single Vivo melds those ingredients and is just the first bite in an extraordinary Omakase. [info sheet from distr.]
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