Jeroen Search


12" Vinyl D

Figure / FIGURE92

Front View : Jeroen Search - ENDLESS CIRCLES - Figure / FIGURE92
Back View : Jeroen Search - ENDLESS CIRCLES - Figure / FIGURE92

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After solemnly closing out the SPC-series in 2016, Jeroen Search hands in his second EP of the year for Figure. Carrying his signature style, these tunes embody the live-recording feel he is known for, perfectly executed and arranged in clean-cut layers. Both tracks on the A-side feature big and beefy beats, their generous sub-range creating ample space for the juxtaposing elements to effectively slice through, whether it be the penetrating bleeps of Deduced or the piercing rides on Interval. Things get bumpy on the flip when the rugged but undeniable groove of Steady Pulse firmly stands its ground against repeated onslaughts of flailing percussion. The jolty rhythms and tinkling loops of Endless Circles may seem like it being the odd one out, but unexpectedly merge into an intricate mesh of sounds, making for a most memorable closer to this jam-packed EP.

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