Isolated Lines - SHELTER EP

Isolated Lines


12" Vinyl UK

30D Records - Eyes Have It / 30DEYES-001

Front View : Isolated Lines - SHELTER EP - 30D Records - Eyes Have It / 30DEYES-001
Back View : Isolated Lines - SHELTER EP - 30D Records - Eyes Have It / 30DEYES-001

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The 30D Records machinery does not stop. A new stylistic adventure has been concretized in the new label’s series “Eyes Have It”, which will be conducted by the well-known Sonar and 30D’s resident DJ, Angel Molina, as A&R. The Lucio Fulci’s movies iconic scary-eyes synthesizes the series essence perfectly. “Eyes Have It” builds the fundamentals for the boundless experimentation, lightlessness, cold and mechanical dynamics. The EP “Shelter” is the very first result of this new proposal, an incontestable work signed by Isolated Lines. The Swiss artist has a solid background in underground music throughout various projects, in and outside of electronics. That means a wider creative resources that can be easily noticeable, for instance, in the music harmonies. Avant-garde, solid sound and savoir-faire, that is what defines the Isolated Lines production. “Shelter” EP stylistic codes are crystal clear, brazen obstinacy of the rhythm base which sets the basis for epic distorted textures, that may become deeply emotional, like in the cases of “Onshore” and “Landfall”. Steadfast rhythmic cycles on slamming sound mantras. Furthermore, the EP includes an industrially nervous revision of “Onshore” constructed by 30drop. Isolated Lines’ “Shelter” EP is an utterly flawless starting point for this strongly promising new 30D series. So henceforth, keep always an eye on “Eyes Have It”!

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