Headless Horseman - INHABITED SHADOWS

Headless Horseman


12" Vinyl D

Headless Horseman / HDL009

Front View : Headless Horseman - INHABITED SHADOWS (2X12) - Headless Horseman / HDL009
Back View : Headless Horseman - INHABITED SHADOWS (2X12) - Headless Horseman / HDL009

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Inhabited Shadows “ist das neue Album des bahnbrechenden Berliner Technokünstlers Headless Horseman. Dies ist seine bisher gewagteste und emotionalste Veröffentlichung: der Höhepunkt von Live-Performance, Studioexperimenten und globaler Erkundung.

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Inhabited Shadows” is the new album by pioneering, Berlin-based techno artist Headless Horseman. This is his most daring and emotional release to date: the culmination of live performance, studio experimentation, and global exploration.

A total sonic experience, “Inhabited Shadows” takes listeners on a deeply personal journey through Headless Horseman’s creative brain. Dark industrial synths and broken beats form the spinal cord. A spirit of lightness and compassion guides the way forward.

From its opening, the album sets hard edges and metallic surfaces against dense and delicate textures. A-tonal figures and percussive attacks merge with melodic flights and soulful rhythms. Classical counterpoint and cinematic soundscapes conspire together. The result is discordant joy.

Headless Horseman’s vitality comes from his determination to remain open and vulnerable as an artist. “Inhabited Shadows”, recorded over eight months in 2019, reflects a period of intensive growth. Each of its nine tracks ventures into uncharted territory, embracing many moods, changing climates, old ghosts, and new risks.

“Over years of trials and tribulations, music has been the antidote”, says Headless Horseman. “I’ve learned to live in shadows and darkness. Now I’m chipping off pieces of my shell and portraying directly how I feel without compromise. I still inhabit shadows, but I can move back and forth between darkness and light.” [info sheet from distr.]
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