Gardens of God - RAU

Gardens of God


12" Vinyl UK

Sodai / Sodai009

Front View : Gardens of God - RAU - Sodai / Sodai009
Back View : Gardens of God - RAU - Sodai / Sodai009

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New four-track EP by Gardens of God

With his new four-track EP, Gardens of God takes you in and keeps your body and mind in motion alongside its somber, yet fast-paced rhythmic flow. “Blut” comes in with a feeling of impending danger which lingers throughout the higher-pitched title-track “Rau”, never cutting down the established tension. As the anticipation grows and the dark and steady “Trys” lets you revel in its consistent beats, “Red Is The Colour” takes in on the challenge to bewilder, remaining sharp and compelling before leaving the listener lingering on the ominous dreamscape of “Rau EP”. [info from Label]
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