Frankie Twilight - SYNERGY EP

Frankie Twilight


12" Vinyl NL

Fasaan / FA011

Front View : Frankie Twilight - SYNERGY EP - Fasaan / FA011
Back View : Frankie Twilight - SYNERGY EP - Fasaan / FA011

For their 12th release, Fasaan Recordings has dug deep into the techno underground of Malm and found the drum machine anthems of Frankie Twilight. Not your usual techno producer, the woman behind this Alan Vega-esque alias does not subscribe to any genre definitions. Having played in a Berlin-based punk band as well as acting as resident DJ at a members only 78 rpm jazz club, to say her tastes are diverse is quite an understatement. The DIY spirit is however a red thread throughout the 4 tracks of her Synergy EP for Fasaan

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As her technical set-up is plain to see on the sleeve itself, the feverish live jams that form the base of these tracks comes off as raw and undiluted. Sometimes they are weighted down with the moody blues of numbing synth chords, like on "My Opal Gems" and "Coral Desires". Sometimes they're frying in the squelch of a classic acid bath, like on "Dizzmol".

All the while, the deranged funk of her playful rhythm patterns will surely see you crawling towards a concrete basement after sunset, contorting your body to fit your limbs into the grooves or sulking in a corner breathing in all of its gothic glory [txt from ]
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