Esox Lucius - ESOX LUCIUS EP

Esox Lucius


12" Vinyl NL

Mirror Trax / MIRRORTRAX001

Front View : Esox Lucius - ESOX LUCIUS EP - Mirror Trax / MIRRORTRAX001
Back View : Esox Lucius - ESOX LUCIUS EP - Mirror Trax / MIRRORTRAX001

Mirror Trax proudly presents its first release: the Esox Lucius EP by Esox Lucius! Born in the late 90’s, Esox Lucius seems to have soaked up his environment quickly. Old school flavour transmitted to the depths where Esox Lucius roams seems to be the recipe for elementary and spaced-out techno. Nimbus on the A side is a classic techno track reminiscent of the X-Mix days! Its soothing melody and driving bass will propel you towards the clouds, cruise-missile style. On the B side, the first track Indica is a high-speed techno train. Driven by its resonant lead and shifting snares, B1 will definitely leave you as high and disoriented as the name implies. Common thread on the B side seems to be a Hague-ish influence, as the closing track is a heavy grinding techno track with a hint of electro. B2 will definitely sink your ship so make sure The Hoff is around! 300 copies available.

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