Electrodynamique - HIGHWAY TO PLANET E


12 Inch

Quinoa Cuts / QUI002

Front View : Electrodynamique - HIGHWAY TO PLANET E - Quinoa Cuts / QUI002
Back View : Electrodynamique - HIGHWAY TO PLANET E - Quinoa Cuts / QUI002

Elektro / Breaks

Are you ready for an intergalactic journey through the sounds of Planet 'E'?
Once again, we find that each side of the record has its unique flavor, guiding our curiosity through an out-of-this-world experience. The 'Sweet' side begins with Magic Ambience. First made in 2003, here, the ethereal pads, melancholic melodies, and the broken beats evolve into a bass-driven house groove drenched in sucrose. A tasty start to the narrative that leaves you wanting more.The A2, Weather Morphing, a track initiated in 2004 takes you straight into and beyond the atmosphere of Planet 'E' on a trip through the glowing and strobing planet rings. This track captures the volatile weather of our fantasies, with syrupy yet psychedelic electro-breaks complemented by cosmic arpeggios and epic chords. On the 'Sour' side, Kick It Then Drop It, originally recorded in 1999 is both a hymn of Planet 'E' and a full-power kicker that will leave you in the right place to party. Hardcore, old-school breakbeat meets funky acid lines for a high rave energy combo that promises some screwface on any dancefloor. Empire State Beat (Phat Beat Mix) is the final destination of this EP. Made in 2004, chock-full of energy, this nostalgic composition takes off as a night-time, bassline driver that will keep the floor going at full power. Don't miss your chance to embark on another cosmic journey with us.
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