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Shall Not Fade / SNF065

Front View : EJECA - TAKE IT EP - Shall Not Fade / SNF065
Back View : EJECA - TAKE IT EP - Shall Not Fade / SNF065

EJECA back on Shall not Fade with some high-octane drama.

Northern Irish Techno maestro EJECA is back with his fourth full-length EP on Shall Not Fade, following up on the sublime grooves of Free From. This time round, expect high-octane drama from the off; borrowing sounds from across the hardcore continuum EJECA shows off his skill for dance music production.

Take It EP's title track is a force of bouncing hardcore, harsh synths and firey vocals which begs to be played out in the early hours for a fever-pitch dancefloor, nonstop to the end. By comparison, "Away" is minimalist. Riding on a chunky bassline, the glittering melody rises slowly to create an effervescent soundscape with a driving beat.

The peaks and drops of "Clunk" are dizzying, a tight rave-influenced number closing the A-Side; B1 "Mallusk" builds the tension with elongated pads and rolling breaks. Take It closes out with "Static", an icy crescendo of cold vocal cuts and ghostly distortion holding the line between techno and noise. [info sheet from distr.]
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