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Front View : Einmusik - OCEANS BOTTOM PT.2 - Einmusika / Einmusika013
Back View : Einmusik - OCEANS BOTTOM PT.2 - Einmusika / Einmusika013

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We are back with a special release from Einmusik. This time Samuel Kindermann is telling you something about those real summer-nights, those few mysterious and magic hours filled with sounds, colorful lights and beauty all around. -Nyx- is one of the songs on the -Oceans Bottom Pt.2- EP. It comes up with an endless dreamy hook, the slappy rhythm is gracious and the groove is full and checkless. Bit by bit the headstrong sounds direct you deeper into this track and you re hands will be up at least. Backside we find -Oneiros- It s a very coltish track with a haunting melody. It s humming in your ears, that s what it is made for. Such an easiness coming up while hearing this song, you ll get a bit gushy and your feet won t be able to stop. Both songs on are preparing the way into a unique sound-universe which will be opened on Einmusiks new album coming up in autumn.

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