Donor / Yuuki Sakai - APOLLO

Donor / Yuuki Sakai


12" NL

Diffuse Reality / DREA010

Front View : Donor / Yuuki Sakai - APOLLO - Diffuse Reality / DREA010
Back View : Donor / Yuuki Sakai - APOLLO - Diffuse Reality / DREA010

Originals from Donor, remixed by Alien Rain, Pfirter, Squaric and Zadig. Plus a special bonus track from Yuuki Sakai.

We are happy to announce that after several months of delay, we have prepared our next vinyl release. It is a very special release, since we work a long time to provide the highest quality, from our hearts. We present the latest from DONOR "Apollo".

Techno with deep textures and dynamics for the original tracks. We also add the remixes of Alien Rain, acid, rave and powerful as its trademark: Pfirter gives us a more robust and forceful vision, Squaric brings the remix to 5AM, Zadig prepared a special Break for the album & Shao delivers several deep versions, with enveloping textures. An unprecedented detail for our catalog is to present a BONUS TRACK.

And for this we have prepared something very special, to have the track on vinyl: YUUKI SAKAI - DI AMO. The album "Yuuki Sakai - Hide By Launch" was presented in 2016 and now we remastered it to add it to this limited edition. Without a doubt, these voices will sound again throughout the planet. The message is here. [info sheet from distr.]
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