Discret Popescu - THE DREAMTIME EP



Unic / UNIC007

Front View : Discret Popescu - THE DREAMTIME EP - Unic / UNIC007
Back View : Discret Popescu - THE DREAMTIME EP - Unic / UNIC007

Ein Sound, der an den Respekt und die Liebe der australischen Ureinwohner für ihr Land und ihre Träume erinnert.

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Unic joining forces with Alin Crihan‘s enigmatic Discret Popescu alias for a sweeping sonic journey with The Dreamtime EP, inspired by the ancient continent of Australia.

From the echoed, metaphysical resonance of A-side cuts ‘The Outback’ and ‘The Coast’, Discret Popescu begins to paint a story of deep connection and timeless transcendence. As we turn things over, the B-side speaks in increasingly euphonious phrases, with ‘The Serpent’ and ‘The Dreamtime’ capturing a truly ephemeral essence. A sound that is reminiscent of the respect and love that the indigenous culture of Australia has for their land and dreaming. [info sheet from distr.]
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