Cygnus - NE0 GE0



12" Vinyl NL

Barba Records / BAR016

Front View : Cygnus - NE0 GE0 - Barba Records / BAR016
Back View : Cygnus - NE0 GE0 - Barba Records / BAR016

"Texas-based electronic music producer Phillip Washington aka Cygnus was on bit of a hiatus since his phenomenal -Cosmos- long play on Fundamental Records, released near the end of 2016. With this EP, titled -ne0 ge0-, he s breaking the silence and we re extremely happy to see it happening through Barba imprint. The record consists of 4 cuts; -Zone Shifting-, -Vertexing-, -ne0-ge0- and -Astronoot- which all share common qualities of his previous work - deep, spacey, richly textured and really well crafted. -Zone Shifting- is what electro in 2018 should sound like. Deep, emotional and futuristic but well grounded in the human condition through the vocal line which seems to haunt from the distance. -Vertexing- is a slightly more paced, moodier affair with slow enveloping Vangelis-esque synth lines bleeding all over traditional electro sounding beat. However, in this case that s exactly what s needed. Title track, -ne0-ge0- is the first one on the flip side and the busiest one. Creasing of multiple synth lines and pads is done in such an expertly elegant manner that you just can t resist but play it loud on a big soundsystem and see what it does to the dancefloor. And finally, record closes with -Astronoot-, and as B2 tracks usually are - it s the deepest of them all, reserved for those heady moments when you need something to bring the magic to the next level."

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