12" lp, 180 g vinyl

Big Beak Recordings / BB007

Front View : Concept Of Man - REGULARITIES (180GR) - Big Beak Recordings / BB007
Back View : Concept Of Man - REGULARITIES (180GR) - Big Beak Recordings / BB007

Pressed on 180 G Heavyweight vinyl

Concept Of Man is Martin Knorz - Berlin based keyboarder, producer and DJ

A studied jazz pianist, Knorz is known for playing keys in the highly acclaimed, german experimental pop band Hope, with whom hes been touring around Europe and UK over the past couple of years, as well as forming the sound of Austrian pop icon Teresa Rotschopfs solo debut.
In 2019 he started devoting himself to modular sound-synthesis, playing live shows and remixing acts as Hellotrip (Mutant Rebuilds) and Hara Crash (Bali).

His debut Regularities will be released on Patrick Pulsingers Big Beak Recordings in 2022. Its a modular infused tape majestically crafted by a sound surgeon. Drawing inspiration from Robag Wruhme, James Holden and Patrick Pulsinger (with whom he has collaborated on his album Impassive Skies and the EP Nocturnal Cat), Regularities consists of four minimal tracks and a durational modularsynth-only-performance, both of which feed the realm of sound caviar. Tribal rhythms join the darkness of modular sounds, regular beats oscillate on irregular impulses, while intriguing basslines and uplifting chords remind us that Knorz is first and foremost a pianist, a master of melody.

Wooden but soft percussive chords create a tribal rhythm that carries through the song, interrupted by a contrapuntal rhythm. Another drum group provocatively steps in the arena, together they build a rolling total. Then a squelching juicy, nearly acid melody grounds the track, to be drummed out by the two groups when approaching the end.
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