Chymera - TIDAL


12 Inch

Ovum / OVM239

Front View : Chymera - TIDAL - Ovum / OVM239
Back View : Chymera - TIDAL - Ovum / OVM239

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Chymera returns to Ovum with Tidal/Moot Point It has been 7 years since Chymeras seminal Ovum release Umbrella and it only seems fitting that we kick of our 20th Anniversary celebration with a new release from the Irish producer. Since his debut on Ovum, Chymera aka Brendan Gregoriy has been busy releasing on lables such as NRK, Komplex De Deep, Cocoon, Kompakt, and more.

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Chymera kicks this two tracker off with “Tidal". A full on smash that sees Brendan take us on a throbbing journey, ebbing, flowing and bringing the floor to the boil. On the flip Brendan presents a sound that’s more familiar to the fans of his previous Ovum outing. “Moot Point” at 11 mins 44 sec, is a thing of beauty. An epic Chymera trip that is set to soundtrack the rising sun, over many a dawn party. The emotion in his music reminds us of why we fell in love with Chymera seven years ago and why we feel it was only right that he kick off our 20th Anniversary celebrations. [txt from ]
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