Chymera - EPISODE


12 Inch

Cocoon / COR12139

Front View : Chymera - EPISODE - Cocoon / COR12139
Back View : Chymera - EPISODE - Cocoon / COR12139

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Irishman Brendan Gregory aka Chymera has become an integral part of the international club scene. This techno and house productions are based on his skilful way to incorporate different styles and genres such as minimal techno and even the trance, which leads to a very own and surpreme handwriting. Like his mentor and friend Funk DVoid or like his fellow Cocoon Recordings colleague Tim Green, Chymera appears to one of the few artists who can be assigned to a very own and recognizable sound.

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Especially today, in times where some kids manages it to release records produced with just one laptop and rough basic knowledge a very own style is no longer a given. Chymera is one of these hard to find artists that have worked on their own style and developed an acoustic trademark… and we love his style! “Episode” is a prime example of the above-described influences based on house, techno and trance. The great arpeggio bass-/synthline and the overall arrangement beams us back to the high days of Detroit techno. This is soulful and epic and it triggers just the right senses, it takes us on a journey. With “7 Hours” appears like a stripped down dub version of “Episode". Based on a similar arpeggio bassline but less epic “7 hours” incorporates the two musical corners of “Rust” and “Episode” in a very cool way. Chymera is a fine master of his craft and this release is another proof of his musical knowledge and taste! The bonus track “Rust” Chymera looks into the house corner and presents a nice counterpart to “Episode". The great Chicago-FM bassline is the leading element in “Rust". The analog space synths and the relaxed but cool oldskool drum programming are perfecting Chymeras deep house excursion. [txt from ]
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