Boris Brejcha - MY NAME IS..


coloured 2x12 Inch

Harthouse / HHMA017-3

Front View : Boris Brejcha - MY NAME IS.. (SPLATTER 2XLP) - Harthouse / HHMA017-3
Back View : Boris Brejcha - MY NAME IS.. (SPLATTER 2XLP) - Harthouse / HHMA017-3

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limited Splatter double 12INCH vinyl from Boris classic Longplayer do not sleep!

Sound design from another planet, functional, intelligent arrangements, clever elements that are somewhere between "handmade" and cinema-scope format and always surprising ideas characterize the music of the exceptional talent Boris Brejcha. He is one of the most productive musicians of our time and despite the seemingly short intervals between his releases, his tracks don't sound like assembly line work, which is laid out according to a certain scheme. Diversity and individuality are Brejcha's trademarks and yet one recognizes his handwriting especially in the varied arrangements, in which no two breaks are the same. A few years ago, Brejcha suddenly entered the international stage and made announcements with track names like "I'll show you" that were anything but exaggerated when you consider how quickly Brejcha stirred up the establishment and with his brilliant live performances and costumes for Caused a stir across national borders. Harthouse is responsible for some of Brejcha's releases - two albums and several EPs underline the successful collaboration. Boris is now helping to shape the sound of the renowned label and is one of the central artists there. Of course, it is more than obvious that Frankenthaler's third coup would decorate the label catalog with additional pieces of jewelry. With his now third long player "MY NAME IS" the inclined listener asks himself whether Brejcha is further substantiating his concept of science fiction techno.
The question can be answered with YES and NO at the same time, because the connoisseur already notices Brejcha's handwriting on the opener "Express myself" and that's a good thing. With "My name is", Brejcha has achieved a great success, which undoubtedly carries the spirit of the first two albums, but at the same time heralds a new definition of his work, which is stylistically diverse, excellently produced and well thought-out and reserved. Everything is exactly where it belongs - the tracks are aimed at the big events of the summer with almost frightening precision - crisp, fresh and always having fun in the neck - that would be a satisfactory summary of the album, but with titles like "Flockentanz" Brejcha is melancholy, harmonious and dreamy - so much warmth that definitely sweetens the evening away from the club scene. In the course of the process, moods and stylistic layout alternate. Functional, minimal club sound meets neo-trance melodies and endless reverberation tails are cut up in Brejcha manner, turned around, rushing into the void or shattered in the groove that suddenly resumes. The eponymous track "My name is" goes a long way forward: Brejcha can also do something else - very punchy, driving and technoid, the number goes up, as if there were no more "tomorrow". The unexpected changes in the arrangement are really fun and you have a clear picture in front of your eyes: Bulging dancefloor - peak time - raging masses that are shot into another orbit. Bravo, someone here knows how to take it to the extreme! "You will rise" is a 10-minute hypnosis unit that goes one better and combines hard, direct elements with an extremely smooth sound design. Never boring - garnished with constantly changing effects and little tricks, which Boris Brejcha made the original from the beginning of his work, which he underlines again with "My name is". The album sounds more grown-up, stylistically goes deeper and further apart than many currently audible productions - there is good reason to announce this album as a highlight for this summer.

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