Bollmann - RAMPAGE


2x 12Inch

Nulleins Records / Nullv02

Front View : Bollmann - RAMPAGE (SPLATTER 2X12INCH) - Nulleins Records / Nullv02
Back View : Bollmann - RAMPAGE (SPLATTER 2X12INCH) - Nulleins Records / Nullv02

Huge 2x12 Remix EP in Gatefold. Nulleins Records and Bollmann are thrilled to officially announce the >Rampage EP< a collection of tracks in which lies more than just music: Its a heartfelt reflection of Bollmann’s musical journey and the profound connections forged with esteemed producers and artists in our vibrant scene.

"Rampage" stands as the turning point in Bollmann’s career, a moment that forever changed both his heart and his profession as an artist. The overwhelming response from fans and the unwavering support from Nulleins Records granted him the courage to explore uncharted territories within his sound. And now, to witness this track take on a life of its own through the hands of his favorite industry producers is an incredibly surreal and humbling experience for him.

By forging a release filled with so many different approaches, we want to celebrate these artists and send out a statement into the world of techno. Our scene is constantly changing and evolving, but with an overwhelming quantity and flood of output, we are starting to miss out on what makes this music more than just a product of the industry: taking time for your art and putting your soul into it.

Within the EP, you'll find remixes that go beyond simple collaborations. They embody personal perspectives and unique reinterpretations of the original track. Each artist, with their distinctive approach and genre influences, has breathed new life into "Rampage," crafting something we could never have envisioned on our own. It's akin to watching Bollmann’s own creation evolve into fascinating masterpieces, formed by the hands of artists he greatly admires.

Thank you for being a part of this incredibly personal journey. Without your constant support and love for our music, none of this would have been possible. So, as we release the "Rampage EP," remember that it's not just an EP; it is a piece of his heart.
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